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One-Stop-Shop for New and Refurbished Networking Products

In an Era whereby time is considered an important factor to make a business a success or a failure, many Purchasing Executives would appreciate a One-Stop-Shop that could help them to find out quickly their needs of new and refurbished networking products, such as switches, routers, servers, firewalls, telecommunications and security products to fulfill their company’s monthly purchasing lists. One such a place is provided in this URL Link.

The common categories of the networking products would include the following:

  1. Patch Cables: The Infinit Technology Solutions CAT5E Patch Cables and CAT6 Patch Cables are the perfect solution for distributing data, voice and video. These patch cables are constructed with high quality wire and a shortened body plug to keep Near End Crosstalk(NEXT) levels to a minimum while providing the necessary bandwidth to support mission critiacal applications. Fiber Patch Cables are also available in two classifications, namely the 50/125 Multimode Fiber Patch Cables and the 62.5/125 Multimode Fiber Patch Cables to support the latest demand for fiber optic cable patching installations.
  2. Network Routers: Major brand routers are available to ensure good quality of voice, video, data and multimedia communication network routing for the large or small enterprises. These branded routers include 3COM Routers, CISCO Routers, Enterasys Routers, Foundry Routers, Juniper Routers, and Nortel Routers.
  3. Network Security: These products are needed to ensure secure voice, video, data and multimedia transmissions across the enterprise networks. Major brands include: Barracuda, Check Point, Cisco Firewalls, Cisco VPN, Crossbeam Systems, and Juniper Firewalls.
  4. Network Switches: These network switches operate at layer two of the OSI model are used to link multiple computers in a Local Area Network. Major brands available include: 3COM Switches, Cisco Switches, Enterasys Switches, Extreme Switches, Force10 Switches, Foundry Switches, HP Switches, Juniper Switches, and Nortel Switches.
  5. Aerosoft RFID Tags: These RFID tags are used in many apllications, such as in Education, Government, Health Care, Hospitality, Logistics and Transportation, Manufacturing, and in Retail solutions. By tagging products, items or computers with RFID, the management will be able to monitor their location, movements and quantity at the press of a button.
  6. Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) Switches are available from many top brands, such as: Aten KVM Switches, Aten Video Splitters, Aten Video Switches, Dell, HP/Compaq, IBM, and Seneca Data.
  7. Telecommunications Products, such ad IP Phone, Unified Communications and Accessories are available from many major brands: Cisco IP Phones, Cisco UC500 Series, Used Avaya Definity, Used Avaya Merlin Legend, Used Avaya Merlin Magix, Used Avaya Partner, Used Merlin, and Used Nortel.
  8. Wireless Products: available two top brand wireless networking products, namely from 3COM and CISCO.