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Kerjasama CISCO-Open Source akan membuatnya makin Kompetitif

CISCO Group adalah sebuah perusahaan Networking Service yang terbesar didunia dengan berbagai produk layanan jaringan yang canggih dan andal, seperti layanan email yang sangat aman (Iron Port), EMC Networked Storage System, LINKSYS Connected Office Products, IP Phone, Server, Router, Unified Communication System, dan lain-lainnya.

CISCO sudah lama menjalin kerjasama dengan berbagai Vendor Software Proprietary, seperti Microsoft, Oracle, SAP dan lain-lainnya. Dengan rencana CISCO untuk mengembangkan Produk Blade Server maka akan terbuka lebat kerjasamanya dengan berbagai Vendor Operating Systems, Application Providers, dan Middleware Developers.

Bila kerjasama CISCO dijalin dengan produk-produk Open Source seperti Red Hat, MySQL, Apache, Novell, dan aplikasi-aplikasi Open Source seperti Alfresco, JasperSoft, Openbrave, Pentaho, Liferay, SugarCRM dan lainnya, maka hasilnya akan membuat Raksasa Jaringan CISCO menjadi sangat kompetitif di Dunia Telematika. Terlebih lagi bilamana CISCO memilih untuk bekerjasama dengan Asterik, sebuah produk Open Source untuk komunikasi VoIP yang sangat populer.

Artikel lengkap tentang rencana CISCO menggebrak dunia layanan jaringan terlampir dibawah ini:

Cisco Serving Up Open Source?
by: Joe Panettieri
January 06, 2009
Most folks are focusing on Cisco Systems’ (CSCO) consumer electronics push this week. But I’m keeping one eye
on the data center — where Cisco apparently is preparing to launch blade servers. If true, I wonder: How soon will
Cisco speed dial Red Hat (RHT), MySQL, Novell (NOVL), SugarCRM and other open source application providers?
Sure, Cisco already has relationships with a range of software companies. But pushing into the fast-growing blade
server market will force Cisco to strengthen partnerships with operating system vendors, application providers,
middleware developers and so on.

The ties between top server makers and massive application providers are notoriously strong. Consider this: Dell
(DELL) is Oracle’s (ORCL) biggest reseller (or so Dell claimed at an even I attended in 2006). Certainly, Cisco can
develop similar relationships with the usual software suspects (Microsoft (MSFT), Oracle, SAP, etc.).
Changing the Rules of the Server Game

But if Cisco truly wants to disrupt the server market — and capture the next generation of application systems — the
networking giant should also ink relationships with Alfresco, JasperSoft, Openbravo, Pentaho, SugarCRM and other
open source companies.

Somewhere within the blade server strategy, Cisco must figure out how to work even more closely with SaaS
(software as a service) application providers and hosting firms that serve up Exchange Server, SharePoint and other
popular SaaS applications. At the same time, Cisco can potentially create links between its servers and the
company’s Wide Area Application Services strategy.

Parting Shot
The smartest, most disruptive move of all: Cisco should quietly test Asterisk (an open source phone system) on its
servers, and prepare to potentially cannibalize Cisco’s own unified communications business.