Huawei umumkan keberhasilan peluncuran perangkat transmisi E-Band untuk Backhaul LTE

Pita gelombang mikro E-Band pada 80 GHz mampu untuk transmisi multiple Gigabit yang akan dibutuhkan bagi layanan 4G LTE Advanced yang akan datang. Perangkat E-Band buatan Huawei telah lolos ujicoba untuk mendukung kebutuhan tansmisi Multi Gigabit bagi LTE Advanced yang mencapai kecepatan 1 Gbps pada kondisi stasioner dan 300 Mbps pada kondisi bergerak. Dengan demikian masa depan Mobile Broadband dapat direalisasikan dengan baik. Berikut ini adalah berita lengkapnya dari
A series of performance and pressure tests on a network with high LTE data usage has proven the high performance and advanced features of Huawei’s E-band microwave equipment. Three months of successful operations during the extreme Chengdu summer heat and rain demonstrated the reliability and stability of the E-Band microwave

Huawei announced that it successfully deployed and verified the capabilities of its E-Band microwave equipment during a comprehensive LTE test network in Chengdu, China.
The results of the test demonstrate the high service-bearing capability and market-readiness of Huawei’s E-Band microwave equipment.
E-Band is a newer extremely high-frequency type of microwave band (80GHz) that supports multiple Gbit/s transmission bandwidths, meaning it is able to meet the considerable service backhaul requirements on LTE networks. Huawei’s E-band microwave equipment enhances e-band microwave utilization as it offers a large capacity, is easy to install, and requires virtually no space in equipment rooms.

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